Attorney Matthew Shaffer was retained by the survivors of a fisherman who was lost at sea aboard the FV Destination. The young Arizona native was one of six crew members aboard the fishing vessel when it was reported missing on February 11, 2017. The United States Coast Guard promptly executed an extensive search and rescue mission, but the search was suspended after officials were unable to recover the Seattle-based vessel or its crew. It is presumed that the FV Destination and the fishermen on board were lost in the Bering Sea near St. George Island, Alaska. There are few clues left behind by the tragedy, and the crew’s family members are left with many unanswered questions. Preliminary data points to possible adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems on the vessel, or poor loading decisions. Attorney Matthew Shaffer has launched a full legal investigation into what went wrong as part of his efforts to obtain justice for his client. “It is an honor to represent this family under the most unfortunate circumstances,” says Shaffer. “The tragedy is a true shame for such a wonderful family and hardworking young man.”

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