Drug use is rampant among truck drivers, many of who take methamphetamines to remain awake for long periods of time. While drug testing is conducted frequently, and employers are required to get random drug tests conducted, it is far too easy for truckers to fool these tests. That is why lawmakers want to introduce a hair test that would make such drug detection easier.

Traces of drugs can continue to remain in the hair for much longer than it can continue to remain in the urine. Truckers find it very easy to fool these tests. There are pills that can eliminate traces of drugs from the system, and these are easily available in the marketplace. These pills can help you clear a drug test with no problems at all.

Even if a truck driver does not have access to these pills, he can easily eliminate all traces of the drug from the system by drinking liters of water. Drinking plenty of water just before a test helps wash out the excess drugs from the system, ensuring a clean and negative test result.

However, traces of drugs continue to remain in the hair for much longer. A new proposal that has been put forward by Republican Representatives Reid Ribble of Wisconsin and Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee would require the Department of Transportation study whether the federal administration should be able to conduct such hair tests for drivers to test for drugs. The test would involve pulling out hair from truck drivers to test for drugs.

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