In the wake of the Costa Concordia cruise ship tragedy, attention has been focused on what seems to be the despicable behavior of the captain, Francesco Schettino. He currently faces charges of manslaughter in the tragedy that has confirmed to have killed more than 11 people. However, it is his behavior in abandoning his vessel while passengers were still aboard, that jars the most and has outraged seamen everywhere.

In the wake of the incident, representatives of seamen around the world are talking of their embarrassment at the behavior of the disgraced captain. He has made a number of excuses for why he was found on a rescue boat, while passengers and crew members were still on board the fast sinking vessel. According to all seamen unanimously, Francesco Schettino should have remained on the vessel until every last man, woman and child on the vessel was accounted for. Every maritime lawyer would agree.

The cruise ship was carrying more than 4,200 passengers and crew members when it crashed into a reef, and tipped over. Francesco Schettino was found in one of the life rafts, and has since excused his behavior saying that he fell into the water and found himself on a lifeboat. Prosecutors are preparing to charge him with criminal offenses.

Along with a captain’s position comes great privilege and power, and also serious responsibility. It is not just passengers, but also crewmembers who depend heavily on the master of the ship. Francesco Schettino seems to have also failed his own crewmembers.

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