After three people were killed in a boat accident in California , investigators are trying to re-create the tragedy, and divers are searching for a recording device that had been mounted on the watercraft ridden by the victims.

The accident occurred in the Puddingstone Reservoir in Eastern Los Angeles County. The three women were on board on a ski-style personal watercraft called a Sea Doo, when their watercraft crashed into a 20-foot long powerboat. The impact of the accident was deadly, and the three women were killed almost immediately. There were four people in the other boat, and they suffered injuries in the crash. The accident happened on Saturday evening on the reservoir located inside the Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas.

There were several witnesses to the accident, and they reported that both the Sea Doo as well as the powerboat were making high-speed turns, and collided with each other. According to rules established by the city of San Dimas, boats on the lake are required to stay at least 25 feet apart from each other.

Investigators are probing the causes of the accident. So far, there are no reasons to believe that the driver of the speedboat was intoxicated. However, there is no information about whether any of the passengers on the jet ski-style boat was under the influence.

Currently, sheriff’s deputies and Los Angeles county lifeguards are looking for a recording device that had been placed on the watercraft. Investigators are hoping to obtain clues about the causes of the accident from the recording device.

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