Investigations into a tanker accident, in which a tanker struck a part of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, are ongoing. The Overseas Reymar scraped out part of the tower support of the bridge in January. A 30-foot section of the fender of the tower was damaged.

The United States Coast Guard released a statement in which it has said that officers warned the ship that it was going off course. However, the Coast Guard has not released any details about the conversation that took place between Vessel Traffic Service and the ship. Investigators are likely to first examine the recorded conversation between the ship and a dispatcher with the Vessel Traffic Service.

The pilot of the tanker is cooperating with investigation. His lawyer has outlined a number of potential causes for the accident. These include a mechanical failure on board the Overseas Reymar, poor weather conditions as well as unpredictable water currents and tides. It was reportedly foggy on the time of the accident.

The lawyers for the ship’s pilot are also speculating on the actions of the bridge crew of the ship, and defective navigation devices as the causes for the collision. An analysis of California Board of Pilot Commissioners records finds that the pilot of this tanker had lost his license for a brief period between November 2010 and January 2011 after going on medical leave.

The causes of this particular accident can be understood only after the release of the recorded conversation between the Overseas Reymar and Vessel Traffic Service.

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