The industrial industry provides many benefits to our society, many of which make our lives safer. But it comes at a price, ironically enough, that can lead to injury or worse. Some practices directly harm the environment in numerous ways. It’s often more complicated than we may expect.

Sometimes it boils down to poor management and proper enforcement of laws and regulations. It can occur intentionally because of shortcuts that a business may take that that circumvent internal rules for storage, usage, and operation. Other times, accidents are the culprit. And the effects are still the same despite the best intentions of businesses and regulators.

Leaks and spills can pollute the air, water, and soil. Often, it isn’t confined to the area where something happened. They can have long-term effects that can continue to impact water sources, vegetation, and wildlife for many years to come. Industrial pollution that worsens global warming can affect future generations too and have cascading effects.

But it isn’t just the environment. Humans are also at risk. Complications may be short-term and resolve quickly. Others can lead to permanent physical and neurological damage. It may even lead to early mortality. It’s essential to realize that you have rights if you’ve been affected adversely because of industrial waste.

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Industrial Pollution Infographic

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