Earlier this year, Houston was named as the Number Two city for how popular domestic maritime work is. (New Orleans ranked Number One.) In addition, Texas turned out to be the Number Three state.The study was released by the American Maritime Partnership, which is based in Washington DC. This organization has been dubbed the voice of the domestic maritime industry in America.

Every year, Texas sends 100,000,000 tons of maritime cargo out to other ports in America, and receives over 90,000,000 tons from them. A good portion of the cargo (over half) is petroleum products.The city of Houston is home to The Port of Houston, which is the Number One container port within the Gulf of Mexico, and is Number Six in the nation for how many containers are handled. Once the Panama Canal is expanded, the number of containers handled number is expected grow much higher!

The maritime industry generates almost eight billion dollars every year just from Texas alone, providing jobs for almost 40,000 residents. This includes vessel operators, shipyard and maritime terminal workers, and countless other positions that are valuable not only to our economy, to the families that they support as well.