The NTSB and OSHA are investigating yesterday’s deadly accident at Bush Intercontinental Airport.  Travis Turner, 57, was killed on the 40-foot high elevated tram tracks.  Mr. Turner was a Houston contactor working on the elevated portion of the automated people mover (APM) track outside airport Terminal B.

Tragically, Mr. Turner was killed in the airport accident and his co-worker, another local contractor, suffered severe head injuries and was LifeFlighted to the hospital from the accident scene.  The injured worker is employed by Weber Construction as a foreman on a runway project.

The height of the accident site made rescue efforts challenging.  Houston firefighters used aerial ladders and other less common equipment to get to the victims.

According to airport spokespeople, the contractors were working on a city project managed by Continental.  The tram was running manually it seems at the time it struck and killed Travis Turner.  The automated people mover system is not being used and buses are moving airport passengers to and from their locations.

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