The next time you see a motorist weaving between lanes, and driving in an erratic manner during an early morning commute, don’t brush it aside. It is likely that the motorist is driving under the influence of alcohol that early in the morning.

Law-enforcement agencies have confirmed that incidents of drunk driving that occur early in the morning are on the increase. Recently, CBS2 conducted an analysis of drunk driving arrests that were made early in the morning. These arrests are now increasingly common on New York roads. A number of recent car accidents in that city have involved people who were driving under the influence in the early hours of the morning. In fact, some of those accidents were very serious, as alcohol-related car crashes often tend to be. Most DUI accidents involve speeding, reckless driving and aggression, all of which contribute to catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

Authorities believe that the rising incidence of drunk driving in the early hours of the morning is linked to the way that alcohol is absorbed by the body, and the failure by consumers to understand how alcohol affects their bodies. Many people assume that if they have slept for six straight hours, then most of the alcohol has been absorbed or eliminated from the body, and they are in no danger of driving under the influence. They assume that the alcohol no longer impacts their driving skills nor impairs their driving abilities after a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, they find that that this is not so.

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