SMSH Founding Partner Arthur Schechter, a former Metropolitan Transit Authority chairman and former U.S. ambassador to the Bahamas, was named as Chairman of a commission establishedby Houston Mayor Bill White yesterday to study the strict term limits applied to Houston’s elected officials in 1993.

This 21-member commission will study Houston’s term limits and make recommendations.  Any changes to the current limits will be subject to approval by the council and by voters.

“Houston has the most stringent term limits in Texas – and maybe in the country – for a city with a strong-mayor form of government,” said Arthur Schechter, the former Metropolitan Transit Authority chairman named by White to chair the commission. “If there is a perceived need to make some changes such as longer terms or more terms, we need to consider that.”

The current system of term limitation moves elected Houston city officials in and out of office so frequently that they don’t see projects through to their conclusion.

Mayor White stated that he feels public policy benefits from periodic review.

“There is a balance between wanting to prevent incumbents from becoming too entrenched and the need to maintain some experience in the elected leadership so that a career official in city government is accountable to informed elected officials,” White said.

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