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Injured on the Job: Worker’s Compensation Versus Personal Injury

When someone suffers an injury on the job, they generally have two recourses: a worker’s compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit. In rare cases the injured party can pursue both simultaneously. In most cases they must choose one or the other.

Injured on an Oil Rig? You May Be Covered by the Jones Act

Oil drilling is a dangerous business. With a fatality rate that exceeds other industries by more than seven times, worker safety has long been a major Injured on an Oil Rig concern for the gas and oil industry.

Killer Jobs in the USA

Work-Related Injuries Many of our most iconic images from the turn of the century are of skilled laborers performing dangerous jobs to build our country’s infrastructure. Iron workers straddling I-beams thousands of feet above New York City while they eat lunch

Workers’ Comp for Construction Injuries: Know Your Rights

Work Accident Attorney There are a lot of reasons to want to work in the construction industry, especially for the young and able-bodied. Not least among these is the compensation: as a construction worker

Freaky Facts About Freak Accidents

Freak Accidents Earlier this year, a man in Brooklyn died while attempting to re-park his minivan.1 It was street sweeping day, and, as anyone who has ever lived in a big city can tell you, being parked on the wrong side of the street when the sweepers come through always leads to a costly and irrefutable ticket.