According to a new analysis that compared the survival rates for severely injured patients who were rushed to the hospital via medical helicopter and those who were taken to the hospital via a ground ambulance, persons who were airlifted by medical helicopter were much more likely to survive their injuries. This was even though these patients were more likely to have suffered severe catastrophic injuries that had a much higher risk of ending in death.

This research was based on data derived from 300 European medical centers. Data involving than 30,000 patients who had been taken by ambulance to the hospital was analyzed as part of the study.

Approximately one third of the patients had been taken to the hospital via medical helicopter. These were those cases in which the patient was very severely injured, and timely care was essential. These patients needed critical life-saving care, and that could only be given to them when they were rushed to the nearest trauma care center via medical helicopter. In the study, the patients who were rushed to the hospital via medical helicopter were also those who had suffered the most critical injuries, and also suffered life threatening complications from their injuries, like infections and organ failure.

The kind of care that was provided in the hospital was similar regardless of whether patients arrived by ground ambulance or via medical helicopter. However, the patients who were airlifted had one major advantage – life-saving medical emergency care began right at the scene of the injury, and the patients continued to receive such care, throughout the journey to the hospital. That seemed to make a big difference that lead to higher survival rates for these patients.

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