A number of earlier studies had indicated that children who suffer from a traumatic brain injury may suffer from increasing impairment levels as the child gets older. That may not necessarily be true.

According to new research, children with a brain injury who are exposed to a healthy home environment and professional rehabilitation and therapy, may be able to make a significant recovery. However, recovery levels drop with the severity of the child’s injury.

Some of the most common causes of brain injuries among children are bicycle accidents. Children with a minor injury may be able to recover quicker. There are no surprises there. There’s an entire body of research that shows that children who suffer from brain injuries are able to recover quicker because of their developing brains that are more resistant to injury.

However, in the case of children with a severe TBI, recovery may not be as quick or as complete. In these children, the negative effects may stabilize after about two to three years. After this, the children will begin making progress towards recovery.

However, they may not make a complete recovery, and the children may not reach the level of children without a brain injury.
The study also seems to emphasize the fact that children who suffer from a traumatic brain injury may greatly benefit from a good and healthy home environment.

Parents must be able to provide an environment that is psychological healthy and mentally stimulating to the child to help the child recover from a brain injury. Additionally, the child must be given adequate opportunity for rehabilitation and therapy.

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