A worker at the Enbridge Inc gas processing plant near Bryans Mill in Texas has been killed after an accidental chemical leak of hydrogen sulphide at the facility. The employee died at the scene of the accident, and at least one other worker was critically injured from the toxic chemical exposure.

Every year, approximately 100,000 people die from exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace. Not all of these deaths occur immediately after an exposure. Many of these workers suffer long-term health effects from prolonged or excessive exposure to chemicals, ultimately leading to serious illnesses and death.

Exposure to chemicals can happen in any number of ways. A person may inhale toxic gases. Other chemicals may be absorbed through the skin. In fact, when chemicals are absorbed through the skin, a worker may be at a higher risk of injuries or illnesses, because he remains unaware of the exposure.

Typically, focus on industrial safety tends to center on the dangers of exposure to chemicals like benzene. However, there are other toxic chemicals in a workplace, and several of these can be extremely harmful, leaving workers with short term or long term effects on health, ultimately resulting in death.  Survivors may be left with

  • Slower body movements
  • Tremors
  • Muscular tics
  • Mood changes
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Painful and disfiguring skin conditions

Workers injured by toxic chemical exposure in the workplace may not be best served by any personal injury lawyer. Litigation arising from such chemical exposure can be highly complicated, and can involve in-depth knowledge of all laws and statutes relating to chemical exposure.

A Texas chemical exposure lawyer will monitor related claims around the country, to keep abreast of legal developments in this field.  He will have access to the kind of scientific experts who will be needed to determine the level of exposure. He will be able to bring in medical experts who can ascertain the kind of damage that has occurred and how this will impact the person’s life. Any local auto accident lawyer will not be able to bring these legal, financial and scientific resources to the table, to help you win your claim.

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