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Broken Step Injuries in Galveston

Falls are one of the most common causes of emergency room visits, and many of these incidents occur because of defective stairs or steps – especially those made of concrete, like at some apartment buildings. If you have been hurt under these circumstances, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Broken step injuries in Galveston often result in long-lasting or even permanent health consequences. When the property owner fails to warn you of these hazards or protect you from harm, they may be on the hook for your damages. Let a skilled premises liability attorney advise you on your legal options.

Common Injuries From Broken Steps

There are countless ways a person could be hurt when falling due to a broken step in Galveston. The nature and extent of these wounds frequently depend on the part of the body that absorbs the impact.

Sprains and Strains

While painful, these soft tissue injuries are often relatively minor and involve the stretching or tearing of ligaments or muscles, often in a person’s leg, ankle, or foot. A full recovery is the most common outcome in these cases, but it can take weeks or months for someone to be completely pain-free. When a ligament is torn, it may be serious enough to require surgery.


When a person falls, there is a risk of cuts and bruises on any exposed skin. Any contact with a hard surface, including a handrail or the ground, could result in a laceration. Minor cuts will typically heal on their own without intervention, but more significant wounds might require stitches or even plastic surgery.


Broken bones are a serious issue that is closely associated with falls down stairs. They can run the spectrum from hairline fractures to complete breaks in the bone. The most common location for these injuries is in the ankles and wrists due to either tripping over the broken step or a person attempting to catch themselves while falling.

Head Injuries

One of the most dangerous outcomes in these cases is an injury to the head. In addition to the risk of skull fractures, these impacts can result in traumatic brain injuries. Damage to the brain can lead to a number of complex medical issues, including sleep disruption, agitation, chronic headaches, and personality changes.

Can I File Suit For These Injuries?

When broken step injuries occur in Galveston, the owner of the property might be liable for any damage that occurs. Their liability depends on the status the injured party had as a property visitor. For example, the duty a property owner holds to a trespasser is limited. Outside of intentionally harming them, they are not on the hook for the cost of their medical care if a trespasser falls on the property.

The same is not true for invitees and licensees—two other categories of invited guests. Invitees are generally on the premises for business purposes, with the most common example including customers at a store. Licensees are social visitors who are there for their own reasons, and they are owed the lesser duty of the two. Both parties have a chance to pursue legal action after a fall.

Talk to an Attorney in Galveston About Broken Step Injuries

Managers of businesses, apartment buildings, and other structures must keep their walkways safe for visitors. If you suffered injuries in a fall due to broken steps in Galveston, you have the right to seek justice. The right personal injury attorney could assist you with building a winning claim for compensation. Call right away to learn more during a private consultation.

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