Propane tank cylinders exploded  at a central Florida refilling plant late Monday, injuring eight workers. The blast was likely caused by human error and equipment failure, a fire official said.

The explosions occurred at the Blue Rhino plant in Tavares around 11 p.m. The fire was out by 2 a.m., and the cause is still under investigation. A company spokesman confirmed that several employees were taken to the hospital.

Area residents saw a pulsating glow in the sky and heard what was described as “bombs going off.”

There were more than a million pounds of propane at the facility stored in 53,000 20-pound cylinders. A half-mile evacuation area was set up around the plant immediately following the blasts, and firefighters began pouring water into the facility.

Trucks carrying the cylinders parked at the plant went up in fireballs.

Twenty-four employees were working at the plant when the explosions occurred, including workers refurbishing cylinders and loading them on pallets and vehicles. Some management personnel were also on-site.

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