Patients with a spinal cord injury may find that mobility is a major challenge.  While wheelchair ramps can be found in many buildings, the person’s vehicle will need to be outfitted with a wheelchair ramp.  That means some of the seats may have to be discarded in order to make space for the wheelchair.  A new vehicle that has just been introduced by a Florida-based company, could mean the end of all this.

The company, Vehicle Production Group has announced its plans to begin production of its first purpose-built wheelchair accessible car, the MV-1.  The initials stand for Motor Vehicle, and the car promises to revolutionize the way patients with paralysis get around.  The company’s CEO estimates that about 4 million Americans are currently wheelchair dependent.  For these persons, the biggest option right now is to outfit their existing car with a wheelchair ramp.  That can sometimes impact the structural integrity of the vehicle.

 With the MV-1, wheelchair dependent persons will have access to a fully outfitted vehicle that is ready for them to use right from the time of delivery of the vehicle.  The car meets specifications determined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  It can accommodate any size of wheelchair.

This is a great solution for patients with spinal cord injuries, and others who currently have very limited mobility options.  As Houston car accident lawyers, we notice that clients with a spinal cord injury struggle with being able to get around in a car.  These patients would benefit greatly from the MV-1.  It would be a great improvement from having to outfit their own car with a wheelchair ramp.  This might even be something that a Houston car accident attorney can factor into clients’ personal injury claims for patients with spinal cord injury.

Update 9/18: To view the newest accessible vehicles for those with wheelchairs, visit: