Fishing boat Spes Bona V‘s crewmembers escaped after colliding with a cargo vessel off the Isle of Arran, the seventh largest Scottish island.  Four crew members were serving on board the fishing boat when it was hit.

The fishing boat was trawling for prawns when it was struck by a cargo ship “Leeswig” which was loaded with scrap from Glasgow on its way to Seville, Spain to deliver the cargo.  The smaller boat suffered property damage but no personal injuries were reported.

Even with altering its course and showing its lights to indicate that change, the Leeswig still smashed into the small fishing vessel.

The vessel’s co-owner said that the portion of his vessel which tows nets was badly damaged, but that most of the vessel damage occurred thankfully above the water line.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch will carry out an investigation.

The fishermen of the United Kingdom should be concerned about the growing number of cargo vessels using well-known fishing grounds for traveling routes.  In the past two weeks one fishing vessel took on on water and another ran aground.

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