Victims’ families, child safety groups, and Houston car accident lawyers, who have been waiting for a rule that would require automakers to install rearview cameras to prevent collisions with child pedestrians, are very disappointed with the delay in finalizing the rule. The Department of Transportation has announced that it requires more time to conduct research into this particular field of auto safety, before it can establish the new rules.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had been expected to announce a rule that would require the installation of rearview cameras on automobiles. The rule is expected to cost automakers up to $200 to install the cameras in each automobile, but will allow motorists to observe children playing or standing or walking just behind the car, thereby helping avoid an accident while backing out the car.  These areas are blind spots for motorists, which means that drivers cannot see child pedestrians right at the back of the vehicle.

Backover accidents may seem like freak accidents, but are much more common than people realize. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates are that as many 300 people are killed every year in back over accidents, and 18,000 people suffer injuries in these highly preventable accidents.

Most of these accidents occur in parking lots, while persons are backing their car out of the lot. Others occur in private garages and driveways, when persons are removing their car, and run over children standing or playing behind the vehicle. Most of the victims involve children below the age of five. However, elderly people, who may not hear a car backing out, or may not be able to respond in time, are also frequently involved in these accidents.