Ray LaHood, US Transportation Secretary has made nationwide effort to publicize the need to reduce distracted driving. Today, the Department of Transportation released sample legislation for state legislators to use in crafting their legislation to ban texting while driving.

There are 31 states that have not yet banned texting while driving.

In 2008, nearly 6,000 people died in crashes involving a distracted or inattentive driver, and more than half a million were injured.

President Obama has already issued an Executive Order banning texting while driving for federal employees and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration banned texting while driving for commercial truck and bus drivers.

For more information on distracted driving, please visit www.distraction.gov.

Help your state prevent senseless deaths by encouraging your lawmakers to enact laws to allow police officers to issue citations for texting while driving.

Update 9/18: As of 2018, there has been a huge improvement, resulting in 47 states banning texting and driving.