Documents, obtained from a suspected terrorist who was questioned by police in Berlin, reveal plans by the terrorist group Al Qaeda to attack cruise vessels.

The documents, which have now been obtained by CNN , have been retrieved from the terrorist, an Austrian man, who was questioned by police. Investigators found digital storage devices and several memory cards hidden on his persons. On the surface of it, the storage devices contained pornographic movies. However, investigators were able to crack the software, and found encoded more than 100 documents belonging to Al Qaeda.

These documents outline outrageous plans to launch terrorist attacks across the globe. Some of these plans also include hijacking cruise ships.

The documents indicate that there were very clear plans to snatch cruise ships. According some of the documents, the plan was to hijack passenger ships, and use the passengers to pressurize the public. According to some experts, the documents seem to indicate that terrorists planned to hijack cruise ships, and terrorize or execute passengers on the vessels, in return for the release of prisoners. The plans also include dressing up passengers in orange jumpsuits, similar to those worn by prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, and then executing them, all of which would be captured on video.

The terrorism concerns are being taken very seriously, as cruise ship injury lawyers believe they should be. There is no reason to believe that a terrorist group that found it so easy to hijack airplanes would find it hard to hijack a ship, especially, when motley Somali pirate gangs seem to be able to do so with such impunity. Cruise vessel operators must take these threats very seriously, and upgrade security on their vessels.