Several batches of defective dive computers have been recalled because of a potential defect that could result in an incorrect reading, and increase the diver’s chance of a drowning accident.

The dive computers are the Hollis DG03 Dive Computers, and according to the company, when the computer is used with an optional integrated transmitter, it can malfunction. This can result in an incorrect pressure tank reading.

In a case like this, the diver may have the wrong reading, and as a result, could unknowingly deplete the gas supply, based on the inaccurate reading. This could potentially cause a drowning hazard.

More than 1,000 such computers are included in the recall. The recall includes the Hollis DG03 brand computers that come with serial numbers from 100 to 1142. These computers are worn like a wristwatch on the drivers rest, and consist of a round black 2 ½ inch computer with a digital screen. A driver who wears this device is able to measure the time and death of a dive accurately. This helps him avoid decompression injuries or drowning. Only Hollis DG 03 Dive Computers that come with software labeled Revision 1A are included in the recall.

The company has received reports of at least two incidents in which the computers malfunctioned. However, neither of these two incidents resulted in any diving injuries. The computers were manufactured by Pelagic Pressure Systems of San Leandro in California inside the United States. Only dive computers that were manufactured between July 2011 and May 2013 are included in the recall.

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