and How to Navigate Them

Driving a motor vehicle has its own risks when driving alongside other motorists. Unfortunately, accidents are a common occurrence all across the country. Several roads are designated as “dangerous” as a result of the number of accidents that have taken place or because of their road conditions. For instance, the Million Dollar Highway, which is part of Highway 550 in Colorado, features a 25-mile section without guardrails and is 11,000 feet above sea level! Our nation’s Interstate Highway Systems, which make commuting long distances easier and often faster, have become notorious for the large number of accidents that occur per 100-mile segments. For example, Interstate 99 in California on average has 62.3 accidents for every 100 miles of highway.

Before getting behind the wheel, it is important to ensure your vehicle is in proper working condition. Take the time to inspect the tires for proper inflation and pressure. Be sure to check the tread as well.  Before you start your vehicle, adjust all mirrors so your view is not obstructed. Lastly, remember to always wear your seat belt.

To learn more about dangerous roads in America, please continue reviewing and reading the following infographic.

The Most Dangerous Roads in America Infographic

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