At least 4 crewmembers on a cruise ship, that sustained damage during a journey to Antarctica, have been reported injured.

The cruise vessel, the Silver Explorer operated by Silver Sea Cruises was returning to Argentina at the end of an 18-night trip to Antarctica when it ran into rough seas. There was damage to the ship, but none of the passengers are reported to be injured. However, 4 crewmembers sustained minor injuries.

The ship sustained some damage, but is reported to be functional, and stabilizers are in perfect working order. The ship is now returning to Argentina. The rest of the journey has been canceled. There were 133 guests and 113 crew members on the ship at the time.

Much of the attention on cruise ship safety focuses on the passengers on these vessels. However, every cruise ship also has hundreds of crewmembers, who are responsible for making sure that the cruise is a memorable vacation experience for thousands of passengers. These crew members include deckhands, chefs, dancers, entertainers, magicians, waiters, bartenders, technicians, vendors, plumbers, carpenters and any number of other staff members, whose job is to make sure that the vessel is functioning properly, and that it is running smoothly. Their job is to make sure that passengers are well fed, rested, safe and comfortable at all times.

In the process of performing their duties, many of these crew members are required to perform continuous or strenuous physical activity. That increases the risk of injuries, especially in fall accidents, fires, and explosions. A cruise ship crewmember may meet the definition of a Jones Act seaman, and may be eligible for benefits under the Act.

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