The Wall-Street Journal is reporting an increase in thefts of loaded tractor trailers on America’s highways.  The problem has reached crisis proportions, and as Houston truck accident lawyers, we are concerned about the ramifications for trucker and motorist safety.

 In 2009, truck loads worth $487 million were stolen across the US.  That was a staggering increase of 67 percent from the $290 million worth of cargo stolen in 2008. The number of truck roads stolen also last year also increased to 859 from 767 in 2008, and 672 truck loads the previous year.

According to freight security firms, these heist numbers have increased to alarming levels over the past 2 months.  Texas seems to be one of the top states in the number of such tractor trailer thefts. The others are California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and Illinois.  Most of these thefts seem to take place at truck stops, when the driver leaves the truck for a few moments. In most cases, the thieves seem to know what kind of cargo has been loaded on the truck, because they have been tracing the rig right from the time it left the plant.

For Houston truck accident lawyers, there are safety issues that emerge out of this rash of heists. None of the reported incidents of thefts have involved violence and injuries to truckers, but when you’re dealing with a bunch of desperate criminals, violence can never be completely ruled out.  Consider that many of these thefts are carried out by amateurs, who have very likely not driven too many tractor trailers before, and that these thieves will be in a hurry to escape with the loot, and you have safety concerns for motorists on the highway too.

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