In the most recent construction accident at the Dallas Cowboys stadium, two construction workers were severely injured  when they slipped and fell at least 50 feet. The two workers were performing maintenance activities on the top hatch of the stadium yesterday morning, when they fell 50 feet.

Both landed on a rain gutter, and apparently were not using any safety equipment at the time. One of the workers suffered serious head and chest injuries and a broken leg. The second worker suffered a back injury.

It’s the most recent disaster at the stadium. Last year, an electrician came into contact with a high voltage line, and died at the stadium. Also last year, a crane accident at the same stadium left three people seriously injured. In that accident, a cable that was used to assemble a crane broke off, injuring the workers.

For a Texas construction accident lawyer, it’s hard to understand how a worker in the US can still continue to suffer fall injuries at a construction site. We will be waiting for the investigation to be complete, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration  may also get involved here. However, it seems like these injuries could have easily been prevented if the workers had been provided personal fall protection gear, and if there had been guardrails and safety nets to prevent a fall. In this day and age, it makes no sense that workers are killed simply by falling off heights, when there are safety devices that can prevent falls.

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