More than two dozen passengers on a duck boat off California were rescued after a fire broke out on the vessel .

According to the Coast Guard, it received a call over VHF-FM channel 16 on Saturday that a fire had broken out on the boat near McCovey Cove in California. The Coast Guard was able to reach the scene of the accident in the evening. There were 28 passengers on board the boat, and all 28 passengers were evacuated safely and taken to shore.

There are no reports of any injuries as a result of this maritime fire. There are also no reports of any pollution caused as a result of this maritime accident. Investigations into this accident are expected to begin soon.

The passengers on the boat are extremely fortunate that Coast Guard personnel were able to reach the scene of the accident, and begin rescue operations immediately. As maritime attorneys often see, vessel fires very often end in tragedy. Putting out a fire on a vessel is more complex than putting out a fire on a physical structure on land.

For instance, there is a very real risk that the vessel will be flooded while you try to extinguish the flames. This could even cause the boat to capsize. Additionally, there may be very little time for rescue personnel to reach a burning vessel.

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