Workers exposed to chlorine gas at a Georgia vegetable plant were taken to a hospital, according to fire department officials. Sixteen workers were decontaminated and released in good condition, while three were admitted to the hospital.

An employee was adding acid reducer to a bucket, unaware that the container was partially filled with chlorine. Employees soon began to feel nauseous and started throwing up.

The Turner County Fire Department Haz-Mat team was called to the plant. The chlorine gas exposure occurred in an enclosed area, and there was no threat to surrounding areas.

Chemical exposure attorneys know that chlorine exposure can occur when breathing in contaminated air or consuming contaminated food or water. It can cause coughing, chest pain, water retention in the lungs, irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. In high levels of exposure, it can cause vomiting, dyspnea, toxic pneumonitis and pulmonary edema.