HOUSTON, Texas — A charter bus collided into a barrier on the North Loop near Highway 45 around 10am Saturday February 29, 2020.

Eleven people were on the bus but only five people were taken to a local hospital with injuries. The other six were treated for minor injuries at the scene. The Houston Fire Department stated the bus was a production crew for a band traveling from Dallas to Houston for a concert.

Official have stated that a tow truck company with a crane will have to lift the bus off the barrier because it is stuck. There is no indication yet about what caused the accident.

Dangers of Charter Buses

Nearly 15 percent of the charter buses that travel to many tourist destinations every year may be too dangerous to be on the highways, a computer analysis of records by The Associated Press has found.

These buses were caught in surprise inspections and failed due to faulty brakes and balding tires to cracked frames. These problems not only put their passengers at risk, but also other vehicles that share the road.

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Charter Bus Accident

Charter Bus Accident 2

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