Michael Don Mach, of West, Texas was pronounced dead at the scene of a Texas Trucking Accident last Friday near Prairie Hill in Limestone County.

The truck driver, Glenda Zavala, 37, of Ft. Worth, Texas was not injured.

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that Mr. Mach was driving his 4-wheeler ATV across Highway 84 when he collided with the saddle tank of a 2001 Mack tractor-trailer truck.  The truck was pulling a belly-dump trailer loaded with asphalt.

While neither vehicle was severely damaged in the collision, Mach was thrown from the ATV onto the pavement and eventually became caught up in the rear axles of the trailer.

ATV or all-terrain vehicle riding is fun and exciting, however, there are many dangers associated with this activity and many related deaths have been reported in Texas in the past few years.

One of the most popular varieties of ATV is the four wheeled version.  The safety designs for ATV’s have been insufficient to protect riders from being injured or even as in this case, killed.  While there are some laws protecting drivers, there are not adequate ATV laws to govern the safety of these vehicles and who can ride them.

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