Every Houston auto accident attorney knows that the number of alcohol-related car accidents has been declining over the past decade. A new study by the CDC confirms the fact.

According to the CDC , the incidence of drunk driving has declined by almost 30% over the past five years. In fact, last year, those numbers were at their lowest levels in close to 20 years.

According to the research, approximately 1.8% of the respondents said that they had driven under the influence at least once in the last month, leading to a total of 4 million drunk Americans last year. Some persons admitted to drunk driving regularly.

Other research indicates that alcohol use is as high as before, so the CDC is concluding that people are probably drinking at home more than they are in bars and nightclubs.

Most drinking seems to involve young male drivers and binge drinkers, and the CDC report makes special mention of this troubling fact.  The agency’s concerns over young drivers and binge drinkers are justified. Binge drinkers are linked to some of the most devastating accidents.

The risk of drunk driving accidents involving teenagers has not escaped the Houston auto injury accident lawyers at our firm. Teenagers may be susceptible to peer pressure, causing them to attempt dangerous practices like driving under the influence. These drivers have remained stubbornly resistant to all anti-drunk driving efforts.