Photo: Bobby Haven, AP

A massive cargo ship capsized off the coast of Georgia Sunday, trapping four South Korean crew members. Coast Guard rescuers were able to make contact with the missing members by scaling down the side of the ship and drilling a small hole into the hull of the Golden Ray. Extraction of the crew members is currently underway.

The Golden Ray listed and and overturned in the waters of St. Simons Sound early Sunday morning, catching fire shortly after. Rescue teams arrived roughly two hours after the first call came in, and were able to assist twenty members safely off the ship.  Heavy smoke, along with watertight doors and numerous compartments initially complicated the rescue efforts for the four remaining trapped crew members.

The cargo ship, owned by Hyundai Glovis, was carrying more than 4,000 vehicles  and had just been unloaded and reloaded by longshoremen at the Port of Brunswick. Officials are still trying to determine what caused the ship to overturn. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are expected to arrive today to inspect the scene.

Once all members are rescued, salvage crews will work on removing the ship without making an environmental impact. So far, no pollutants have been detected in the water.

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