Over five million car accidents occur each year in the United States. Over two million of these accidents involve severe injuries. Depending on the situation, the owner of the vehicle can be held liable for the actions of the driver. Most cases will hold the driver at fault, but certain conditions can put responsibility for the crash to the owner. Car accidents are the most prevalent type of personal injury each year. Neglectful or careless driving is the top reason for most car accidents. There are several scenarios where the owner of a vehicle would be liable for a car accident where they weren’t present.

Company Vehicles

Many businesses have company cars that they employees are required to use while on the clock. If the driver or employee of the vehicle causes an accident while at work, the company will be liable for their actions. For example, if a mail carrier rear-ends someone while working, the post office could be liable for those actions and all expenses.

Borrowing a Vehicle

Many of us have had to or will lend a vehicle or have had to borrow a car from a friend at one point in our lives. Deciding who can drive your car is important regarding liability. Depending on what state you live in, you will have to have the borrower on your car insurance policy before letting them drive your vehicle. Car insurance companies are less than understanding when attempting to have a non-member covered. The primary policy holder will be at fault if liability comes back on the vehicle’s owner. The vehicle’s owner can also be considered liable if they knowingly let someone drive their car while intoxicated, impaired, or without a license.

Car Accident Lawyer

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