Is It in Your Best Interest to Sign a Medical Lien?

Car accidents are not foreign to California residents.  As serious accidents continue to occur, more and more victims of car collisions are injured.  Not knowing your options after a personal injury accident could dramatically hurt your settlement value.  Knowing what fatal mistakes to avoid will be important to your claim.

One of the many fatal mistakes that injured accident victims should beware of is medical liens.  A medical lien is a promise to pay back all of your medical expenses later from your personal injury settlement.  In theory, a lien may appear harmless.  The reality, a lien can become a disaster.  As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I have observed a number of medical liens.  It is my observation that healthcare expenses are greater when you sign a medical lien.

Above all, it is important to receive treatment for your injuries after a car crash.  Whatever the case may be, your health and well-being need to be addressed first.

The problem that I have with a lien is that it does not offer any oversight as to the appropriateness of service.  While on a lien a doctor could over treat, over charge, or both.

Once you sign a medical lien, you obligate your personal injury lawyer to pay your medical fees from your recovery.  If your settlement is a lesser value than what you owe you, will be held responsible for the remainder of the lien.

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