Toys, hearing aids, remote controls — these all seem like safe items, but tonight at 10 p.m. on Houston’s Channel 2 News learn why button batteries that power these devices can be dangerous for your children.

Button batteries, sometimes known as disc batteries, are often not thought to be choking hazards, but swallowing them can cause serious illness and even death. More than 3,500 people of ALL ages accidentally ingest one of these types of batteries each year in the U.S. In the past six years, 11 children have died as a result of this.

For most people, the battery will pass through the esophagus and digestive system, then eventually come out in the stool. For some, though, the button battery can lodge in the esophagus and form an electric current, generating hydroxide and causing a host of serious injuries and possibly death.

Where Can You Find Button Batteries?

These batteries can be found in a wide range of electronic devices, including but not limited to:

* Toys
* Hearing aids
* Watches
* Greeting cards (with audio/music)
* Remote controls
* Flashing or light up jewelry
* Games
* Key-less entry devices
* Calculators

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