Car accidents can result in numerous injuries. Broken bones remain one of the most common car accident injuries you can sustain. Today, we’ll talk about common types of broken bones and what to do if you were a car accident victim.

Common Areas of Broken Bone Injuries

Although any bone in the body can become broken as the result of a car accident, certain areas are typically more prone to breakage than others.

Foot bones can be broken when a vehicle sustains impact at the front or the sides. Ribs can become fractured when contact is made with airbags or seat belts. Lower legs and knees can sustain breakage when the force from an impact of a vehicle is applied.

Breaks in the hips, pelvis, and spine are also common in car accidents. Arm bones can also break when trying to brace oneself for impact. All of these injuries can take many months to heal, with the possibility of additional required surgeries.

Some Common Fracture Types

When in court for car accident injury claims, several types of fracture may be mentioned. When a break exists beneath the skin, this is referred to as a simple or closed fracture. A bone that shatters into three pieces or more is called a comminuted fracture. If you sustained a compression fracture, the bone in question was crushed and made flatter.

Impacted fractures occur when two bones collide with great force and break, while a greenstick fracture describes a bone that has bent and broken but only partially.

All of these fracture types can be painful, but some of them, such as the greenstick fracture, may not be noticed right away. This is why it’s so important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

What You Should Do if You Were in a Car Accident and Have Broken Bones

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When you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s important to first make sure that you and any other occupants in your vehicle are okay. If you need help, call 911 or wave the paramedics over if they’re already on the scene.

Check that everyone in your vehicle is okay, and then check on the occupants of the other vehicle. Let them know help is on the way, and then talk to any witnesses and get their contact information. You’ll also want to take photos of the damage and get a copy of the police report.

Finally, it’s important to contact a car accident injury lawyer. Insurance companies don’t want to pay you for your injuries. Without an experienced attorney on your side, you may get a far lower broken bone car accident settlement than you need for your lost wages and expenses.

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