Barbara McAllister Engineer Suffers Leg Injury

NEW YORK – A Coast Guard crew and local first responders worked together to rescue an injured tugboat crewmember near Kingston, N.Y., today Jan. 4, 2011.

An engineer aboard the tug Barbara McAllister reportedly suffered a leg injury and was stuck in the engine room while en route to Albany, N.Y., in the Hudson River.  The Barbara McAllister is an American flagged commercial towboat/tugboat.  She was built in 1969.  The vessel is owned and operated by McAllister Towing and Transportation Co., Inc , headquartered in New York, NY.

Coast Guard crew took members of the Kingston Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services with them out to the tug to assist in the rescue.  The injured engineer was transferred to the Coast Guard cutter, and then brought to Kingston Point, where he was transferred to local EMS for additional treatment.

A seaman such as an engineer, who is injured during his service as a crewmember of a vessel in navigation, will likely qualify for protection under the Jones Act.  The injured engineer should make an effort to promptly speak with an experienced Jones Act Lawyer about his incident and resulting offshore injuries, to find out what his legal rights are.

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