For Houston car accident attorneys who have been concerned at the number of distracted motorists on Texas roads, a new study by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers brings disturbing news. The study finds that distractions, even while driving, have become a way of life for many Americans.

According to the study, close to a quarter of all Americans go to sleep with their cell phone close by. The study notes that 61% of Americans check their phones every hour, while 90% of motorists keep the cell phone in their hand, lap or in the passenger seat while they’re driving their car.

Such behavior explains why cell phone use and texting while driving are so rampant in the American population. In Texas, we’re used to seeing motorists driving while reading text messages, or replying to a text message, or dialing a cell phone or engaging in a number of activities that seriously increase the risks of being involved in an accident. Those risks are much higher in Texas, which doesn’t have a blanket ban on texting while driving for all motorists.

However, some Texas cities do have ordinances in place that prevent motorists from texting while driving. The kind of activities that you could indulge in with a smart phone in your hand while behind the wheel has expanded dramatically. Just a few years ago, all that Texas law-enforcement officials and transportation safety agencies had to worry about was drivers texting while driving and having a conversation on a cell phone while driving. Now, however, you have motorists checking their Facebook friends’ wall posts, updating their status updates, posting on Twitter, and engaging in a number of social media-related activities, all while they’re driving.