A female bicyclist was taken to the hospital Monday with critical injuries after being run over by an 18-wheeler in Northwest Austin, Texas.

The truck clipped the cyclist’s wheel and she fell underneath the truck and remained pinned underneath the 18-wheeler.  She is alleged to have suffered severe injuries to her legs, and there are reports that at least one of her legs was amputated.

The crash remains under investigation.

This collision was particularly traumatic because of the difference in the size and strength.

18-wheel semi truck accidents are a common cause of permanent catastrophic personal injury accidents in Texas.  These big rigs cause serious injuries due to their large size and weight.  Trucking accident victims often require immediate medical attention.  An experienced large semi truck accident lawyer in Texas who has represented thousands of injured victims can help you through the process of being involved in an accident with a delivery truck, freight truck, cargo truck, or large 18 wheeler.

A victim of an accident like this one, where a truck hit a person, causes many serious injuries.  In a heavy truck accident, a victim’s head, legs, arms, knees, neck, and spine are most likely to be injured.

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