Five college students are in the hospital after a Saturday night drunk-driving accident in downtown Houston.

A pickup truck ran a red light on St. Joseph Parkway and smashed into a car on Fannin, sideswiping the driver’s side door.  Police think the truck driver was intoxicated.

The alleged drunk driver has been hospitalized with minor injuries, but the students he hit fared worse.  There were five college students in the car.  Two women were seriously hurt and three women had minor injuries.

The epidemic of drunk driving continues, despite nationwide efforts to stop this dangerous and life-threatening problem.  Innocent victims, such as the college students in this news story, continue to suffer due to the irresponsible choices made by those who drink and drive.

This is obviously true on Houston area roads.  Some even say that Harris County has on of the highest rates of drunk driving fatalities in the country.  60% of traffic fatalities in the Greater Houston area are alcohol-related.

Driving while intoxicated turns motor vehicles into death machines.  It is one thing to gamble with your own life, but more commonly, a drunk driver injures or kills innocent victims as well.

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