Four crewmembers were rescued after a 38-foot tugboat sank off the Long Island coast Wednesday for unknown reasons.

The Sea Lion began taking on water near Atlantic Beach around 3 p.m., according to U.S. Coast Guard officials. A mayday call was issued, and a professional photographer doing work on a boat nearby heard the radio call and rushed to the tugboat’s aid.

Bjoern Kils and his team pulled one crewmember from the cold Atlantic waters, while the Coast Guard rescued three others. One of the rescued crewmen was reported to have serious injuries.

This dramatic rescue comes just days after another tugboat lost control of the barge it was towing and sank in the same area. The 125-foot barge and tugboat were separated after a large swell struck them Monday night.

The 26-foot tugboat, Pushy, sank shortly after, and the deck barge ended up on the beach of Silver Point County Park. No injuries were reported in that incident, but one crewmember was rescued by a New York police helicopter.

The incidents were not thought to be related.

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