I was deeply saddened to read the story of the Greene Family over the weekend.  This young Texas family was destroyed by the negligence of the driver of an 18-wheeler.

The Greene Family was driving to Louisiana to spend the holiday with relatives when an 18-wheeler rear-ended their SUV on Interstate 20 in Kaufman County.  The Greenes planned to celebrate the birthday of their youngest son, whom they called Kyle with a big party over the holiday weekend.  The accident occurred in the eastbound lanes of I-20 between Terrell and Canton.

Lakeysha Greene, a 35-year-old Frisco mother unbuckled her seatbelt after the initial impact to help her children Wesleigh, 5, and Wyndell II, who was a day away from turning 3.  However, as is often the case, the force of the 18-wheeler pushed the Greene’s car into the back of another vehicle.  The Greene’s SUV wound up stuck beneath another 18-wheeler before bursting into flames. That second impact threw Mrs. Greene from her family’s SUV.

Kyle Evans, a veteran tow-truck driver who happened to be working an unrelated accident heroically pulled the husband, Wyndell Greene Sr., 34, out of the Toyota in time.  It was too late for his family.  Mr. Greene is being treated at Parkland Memorial Hospital with third-degree burns.

Texas state troopers continue to investigate the fiery crash that killed the Greene children and their mother Lakeysha Greene, and injured several others.  At this time it remains unknown why the tractor-trailer rear-ended their SUV in heavy traffic.

Charles Moody, 40, of Mississippi, was driving the tractor-trailer that set off the chain-reaction crash.  He was taken in stable condition to Renaissance Hospital in Terrell, Texas.

Other injured parties have been listed by local media as Daniel Langston, 45, of Arlington, Texas who was driving relatives and passengers Alanna Langston, 17, and Zoe Langston, 12, and Daniel Sprinkle of Alabama, the driver of the second truck.

As a Texas Truck Accident Attorney, I have seen my fair share of horrible accidents and represented clients against trucking companies.  This sad story is one of the more heart-wrenching I have heard of in the last few years.  I hope that Mr. Greene recovers from his physical injuries, although the emotional trauma may not resolve.