It’s back to school time again, and the Texas auto pedestrian accident attorneys at Schechter, Shaffer and Harris want to offer some walking safety tips for you and your children.

Approximately 100 kids in the U.S. are injured every day in auto-pedestrian accidents, most of which occur when the child is walking to or from school. These 10 pedestrian safety guidelines from our Texas auto pedestrian accident lawyers can help keep your kids safe while walking anywhere.

1. Be age-conscious: Parents often overestimate a child’s ability to walk without supervision. If your child is younger than 10, he or she does not have the visual acuity, speed, depth perception, spatial relations or decision-making skills necessary to safely walk without an adult.

2. Walk in groups: Have your child walk with a group of their peers and with a responsible adult to supervise.

3. Use the sidewalk: If a sidewalk is available, remind your student to ALWAYS walk on it, rather than in the street.

4. Going the right way: When no sidewalk is available and they must walk alongside the road, review with your child the right direction to face. They should always walk single file on the far left-hand side of the street, facing traffic.

5. Crossing the street: All roadways should be crossed at a designated crosswalk. If there isn’t one, cross only at the corner. Watch for and obey all traffic signals and crossing guards.

6. Be observant: Remind your kids to ALWAYS look both ways before crossing and never cross between cars. Show them the right way to watch for oncoming traffic: Texas auto pedestrian accident attorneys recommend always looking LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT before crossing.

7. Avoid parked cars: Children should never move between parked cars to cross a road. Oncoming drivers will not be able to see them if the parked car is obstructing their view.

8. Walk, don’t run: Running may be faster, but it isn’t the safest option. Students should always walk to avoid the chance of falling into the street and to give drivers time to see them before entering the roadway.

9. Be seen: When it’s dark out, always wear light-colored and reflective clothing, as well as carrying a flashlight. During rainy days, bright colors make you more visible. Jackets and other outerwear should be in light, bright colors and reflective as well.

10. Set an example: Parents set the best example for their kids by demonstrating safe pedestrian behavior and always following safety guidelines.

The Texas auto pedestrian accident attorneys at Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers wish you and your family a safe and happy school year.

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