Oil Rig Drillers

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A driller on an oil rig has a number of duties.  He is responsible for supervising and directing crew operations. He works under the drilling rig manager, and reports directly to him. He is also responsible for maintaining the drilling equipment.

When a drilling rig manager is away, it’s the driller who may be in charge of carrying out his duties. In such a situation, the driller must make sure that the crews under him are carrying out their activities safely. He’s in charge of operating a range of equipment on the rig, including pumps, drill pipe and the rotary table.

A driller may also be in charge of training of new crew members, and this is one of his most important responsibilities. An oil rig can be a notoriously cliquey environment to work in. New entrants are typically left out, and have little encouragement from other crewmembers. Drillers must make sure that new crews are slowly absorbed into the never-ending cycle of activities that takes place on an oil rig.

Basically, a driller:

  • Directs the activities of the crews
  • Assumes the responsibilities of the drilling rig manager when he’s not around
  • Maintains drilling equipment
  • Makes sure that crews are performing their tasks properly
  • Operates pumps, drill pipe and other equipment on an oil rig

Drillers, like most other crewmembers on the rig, work in harsh, demanding conditions. Most of the work is located outdoors, and the work doesn’t stop in the sweltering heat, or during stormy or rainy conditions. They are constantly exposed to deafening noise from the equipment, the suffocating dust, and the harsh, salty winds. They are constantly exposed to chemicals and fumes, and must be able to work through these.

Driller Injuries on an Oil Rig

The risk for injuries to a driller can come from the constant exposure to the elements, the operating of complex equipment, and the strenuous nature of the job.

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