Texas Electrocution Accidents

According to the Department of Labor, electrocutions commonly cause injury and death amongst construction workers. Manual labor jobs almost always involve electrical work – including commercial construction, residential construction, maritime work, longshore work, and refinery work. Anytime a person or piece of equipment comes into contact with a power source, electrocution becomes possible.

Employers must look out for their equipment’s proximity to overhead power lines, underground utility lines and high voltage machinery.

The most common electrocution injury is a burn. Electrical burns have deeper surface penetration than other types of burns. The severity of electrical burns depends upon the amount of voltage, the pathway of the current through the body, and the duration. At levels of current flow exceeding 1/10 of an amp, the heart will stop.

Other types of electrocution injuries are Arc or flash burns, thermal contact burns, and electric shock. The shock often causes secondary injuries from a collision or fall due to involuntary muscle spasms reacting to the electrocution. In some instances, injuries caused by electrocution can be a contributory cause of delayed fatalities due to long term effects of the electrocution.

If you, a family member, or a loved one has sustained an injury or died as a result of an electrocution and you want to understand Worker’s Compensation benefits and/or pursue a possible legal claim against others for compensation, please contact your Texas Accident Attorneys for a free consultation by clicking here.