Dennis McElwee, Partner

“I never get tired of working for the working man.”

Some men follow baseball statistics, Dennis McElwee keeps up with court rulings regarding the daily living expenses of seamen. After more than two decades of practicing Maritime Law, he is still keen on the details that can make all the difference in the quality of life of his clients. Dennis began his career as the protégée of Arthur Schechter, founder of the firm. Not only did he learn the fine points of trial law in courtrooms throughout the United States, he can tell you about the arguments and cross examinations that carried the day. In his words, “A funny thing happens when you put people under oath—the truth comes out.”

Dennis has handled many Jones Act, General Maritime Law and seaman’s wage claim cases to very successful conclusions in addition to general personal injury cases. He has taught at the Southeast Admiralty Law Center and the University of Texas Maritime Law Conference. Not only is he licensed to practice law in Texas and Minnesota, he has practiced in four United States District Courts, the U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th District and the United States Supreme Court.


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"What can I say about Dennis other than he is an amazing attorney. He really helped me and my family out when I was hurt while working. I owe him a lot of thanks!"
Tiffany via



"I had no idea of what to do ,legal wise or medical wise. I got a hole of Dennis Mcelwee.He handle everything and got me the medical attention i needed, and handled may case like no body i've ever seen. He took the woory off my back so i could consentrate on getting better. I don't think there is any thing he dosen't no about the law or being a great human being.In my book he is the greatest and anybody would be very lucky to have him on thier side."
Personal Injury Client via



"Dennis his partners and his staff treat me as family. From the day I was introduced to the firm I was very comfortable with the services rendered.They allowed me to actually feel as though I was a part of the firm. A part of the litigation not just a client or possible revenue. I would never feel comfortable with any other firm after my experience with Dennis."
Reginald via


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